Updated Schedule Due to Weather

All Lots Open for Families to Park (In front of Parkview Field)

It's encouraged to begin parking between 10 - 11 PM in case traffic builds up

The 8 ft. in diameter, low-poly ball will be covered in translucent acrylic plastic, and will be lit with over 380,000 lumens of LEDs.The ball will be hoisted 80 feet over the corner of Baker and Ewing St., and lowered by crane as the New Year rings in.

Best of all, the event is FREE & ALL Ages thanks to many of our local businesses.

***The Ball Drop and Fireworks Go On! But See the Update of Plans Due to Weather**

  • Fireworks and the NEWLY Designed BALL will still drop at the stroke of midnight. However, due to the bitterly cold weather and concerns about the safety of attendees, the live entertainment such as bands and food trucks has been canceled.
  • To adjust, the three parking lots in front of Parkview Field will be opened for the general public. Those excited about seeing both the Ball Drop and fireworks can park and ring in the new year. It’s encouraged to arrive around 10:30 PM as there may be an influx of traffic looking for spots to park.
  • Plans remain the same for those who purchased tickets to the Official Indoor Gala set to take place in the Suite Level Lounge at Parkview Field.
  • Here is additional information on the weather leading to this update in plans this year’s event: The outlook for New Year’s Eve night continues to call for bitterly cold weather in Fort Wayne that may be dangerous for attendees. Right now, it looks as if temperatures may be just a few degrees above zero when festivities would begin and then fall to zero (or possibly even a few degrees below zero) by the time the ball drops at midnight. Combine that with the potential for a 5-10 mph breeze and wind chills could be in the -10F to -20F range. With wind chills like that, frostbite can occur on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes. Even if attendees and Ball Drop staff would dress in layers and take steps to stay warm, the extreme weather conditions outside could still be dangerous – especially since this event is spread out over several hours. The Ball Drop Committee has a responsibility to our attendees and staff first and foremost, therefore, we’ve adjusted to allow attendees to park and watch from the comfort of their vehicles.